Business Camera Systems

Security camera systems for your business can make running your business less stressful. Want to know that your employees are operating machinery safely? Need to know if someone is entering into your property after hours? Security cameras can provide that information and more.

Award-Winning Business Video Surveillance Systems

Own a business in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, but wish you had better coverage and crisper images? We've got you covered with upgrades that deliver crystal-clear visibility to keep tabs on your business effectively. Camera technology has come a long way in the past decade, so make sure you're equipped with the latest tech that performs when you need it most.

Upgrade to a Better Business Security Camera System

Hirtle Electric Alarm offers installation, support, and monitoring to Massachusetts & New Hampshire businesses. Technology is advancing at lightning speed. If you've already replaced your cell phone five times, isn't it about time to upgrade the safety and security that modern cameras can offer?

Video Verification

Make the most of your cameras! When an alert is triggered, it gets sent to our monitoring station where we assess the image to confirm a genuine intrusion. We'll then promptly dispatch the authorities or notify you. Plus, you can even receive a video clip sent directly to your phone for added peace of mind!

Clear HD Images

The world of camera systems has undergone significant transformations in recent years. If your current cameras aren't delivering clear images, it might be the perfect moment to consider an upgrade. Invest in a system that not only offers crystal-clear clarity but also empowers you to confidently identify what and who is on your property.

Video Analytics

Effortlessly sift through your entire archive of video footage using our intuitive search features. Whether you're looking for a specific moment in time, footage from a particular location, or want to filter by other variables, our system streamlines the process, putting the power of accessibility right at your fingertips.

Features & Options to Consider

To set up a commercial security camera system that's tailored to your business, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of your priorities. Here, we'll explore a few key considerations to help you make informed decisions.

Size of the Space

You'll need to decide how many rooms, buildings, or sites you'll be watching in your video surveillance. The scope of the properties will dictate many of the other considerations in setting up your system. 

Number of Cameras

How many cameras you'll need will depend not only on the size of the space but also on the types of cameras you choose and the camera's capabilities in terms of coverage and viewing angle.

Type of Cameras

There are many types of cameras depending on the application.  Analog cameras are being phased out for more effective IP cameras which allow you to view them remotely, and at multiple sites if necessary. 

Night Vision & HD

If you want to capture video in very dark spaces or for maximum security outdoors, choose a night vision camera with LEDs that allow for more visibility and special emitters to increase night vision. Similarly, most modern security cameras offer HD, but you may choose a more sophisticated model to ensure you get the best resolution.

Audio Recording

Most of the time we think visual when discussing security cameras, but some cameras can also record audio which can be an important feature when monitoring employees or customers.

Calculating Costs for Security Cameras

Your budget will determine not only what sorts of cameras and technology are best, and keep you focused on priorities for video surveillance.  Our expert security consultants will help you determine the best fit for your location, goals, budget and compliance with local ordinances. 

Secure Your Business with Professional Camera Installation Today.

Our unwavering commitment to quality extends to both products and installation, paired with the trustworthiness of local service. When you choose Hirtle Electric & Alarms for your security system, you're securing the absolute best in the business. Your safety is our top priority!

Professional Installation

Licensed, experienced technicians install, connect & support your system.

24/7 Monitoring

Trained agents respond rapidly to your emergency, notifying first responders.

Customer Support

If concerns arise with your system, local support teams are here to help.