Smart Door Locks: What You Need To Know

Smart Door Locks: What You Need To Know

Smart door locks are swiftly becoming the norm, with more than 12 million households now owning these powerful electronic locks for their front doors. In fact, market research shows that smart lock ownership has doubled in the past five years. What are smart door locks, and why should Massachusetts homeowners consider having them installed? Here is some of the need-to-know information on these versatile security devices. 

What are smart locks?

Smart door locks are wireless, electronic locks that can be installed at front doors and other home entrances. Once they are installed, smart locks enable intelligent features for the home’s doors. They put the power to secure the home in the hands of the homeowner. 

Are smart locks the same as door sensors?

No. Unlike door sensors, which send the homeowner a notification when a door is opened or closed, smart door locks are actual locks that  empower homeowners to take control of the entries to their properties. 

Is a smart lock just a keypad?

Smart door locks offer so much more. To start, there are a variety of different inputs available; in addition to keypads and codes, it’s possible to get a smart lock equipped with biometrics. More commonly, they enable locking and unlocking through mobile applications. That means homeowners can lock the door with their smartphones if they forget to do it when leaving.

They can also remotely unlock their doors just before arriving home, so no one has to fumble for keys in the dark ever again.

Smart locks offer 100% keyless entry; if you’re tired of keeping keys on you everywhere you go, smart locks permit you to leave your keys behind — permanently. 

How do smart locks keep out intruders?

Smart door locks are far more effective than traditional door locks at keeping out burglars and other criminals who would invade your home. The first reason is that thanks to their electronic nature, smart locks are essentially pick-proof. The second reason is their complexity. Because most intrusions happen when a perpetrator finds the path of least resistance, the presence of a smart door lock is often an instant turnoff to criminals. 

How do smart locks help other household members?

Giving easy access to other household members is one of the biggest advantages of smart door locks. Parents love that their kids can enter the home safely and independently, without the worry of losing keys. If a code is changed and the kids don’t know it, parents can unlock the door from wherever they happen to be. 

Should visitors have your smart door lock code?

Visitors to your home should not have the primary code to enter. Fortunately, you can give them their own temporary codes that can be deactivated at any time. The same goes for housekeepers, childcare providers, and others who need access to the home at different times. 

What should I look for in a smart lock?

Purchasing the best smart lock for your home is an important decision. It’s essential to purchase a lock that suits your lifestyle while fitting into your home’s design. Because of their highly technical components, only an experienced electronic security integrator is qualified to install smart door locks. Massachusetts homeowners should call Hirtle Electric & Alarm to learn their options. We understand all the moving pieces involved, from wireless connectivity, to radio frequency, to Z-Wave. This enables us to install the best smart door locks to work seamlessly with your home security system. We can also help you leverage features such as Bluetooth touchless disarming, geofencing, timers for custom codes, and scenes that set your other smart devices when leaving or arriving. 

To learn more about the options for smart door locks, Massachusetts homeowners should call Hirtle Electric & Alarm. We look forward to answering your questions.  

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