Exploring the Advancements of Smart Home Security Systems

Exploring the Advancements of Smart Home Security Systems

When they first emerged on the electronic security scene, most smart home security systems consisted of a traditional motion detection alarm and a limited set of home automation functions. Fortunately, these systems have come a long way over the years. Now, some of your most critical household functions can be accomplished with smart home security systems. Rowley, Andover, Swampscott and Marblehead customers of Hirtle Electric & Alarm can enjoy these modern advancements of smart home security.

Uninterrupted Alarm Signal Connection

Hardwired home security systems were groundbreaking for many years — but today, they’re products of a bygone era. Fortunately, they have been replaced by some fantastic technological advancements to keep families more secure than ever. Unlike the outdated home security systems of the past, modern smart home security systems are designed to operate wirelessly through a dedicated cellular connection. If there’s a break-in at your home, your alarm signal will still reach the central station seamlessly, whether an intruder cuts your landline cord or you experience a power outage or internet failure. Meanwhile, you can also receive a smartphone alert about what’s happening at home. 

Event-Driven Mobile Alerts

With advanced smart home security, an activated alarm signal is just one event that can trigger an alert to your smartphone. A modern smart home security system can also push notifications to your mobile device for specific household management events. Want to know if the kids arrived home from school while you’re at work? You can get an alert the moment it happens, every day of the week.

Need help remembering to arm your security system before you leave the house? You can get an alert to remind you every morning.

If it’s an event you care about, your system can be programmed to notify you right on time.  

Advanced Household Management 

Household management is taken to a new level with today’s smart home security systems. If you opt to include a smart thermostat in your system, your system can protect your energy budget from temperature extremes by adjusting the thermostat to settings you program yourself. You can also adjust indoor temperatures on the spot; if the weather changes while you’re away from home, simply pull out your phone to access your system and adjust your smart thermostat from wherever you happen to be. Your system can also be connected to your home’s lighting, if you choose to add on Z-Wave light controls; this is another way to save on energy using your smart home security system. 

These are some of the most exciting advancements in smart home security systems. Rowley, Andover and Marble Head homeowners can benefit from this incredible technology by trusting home security to Hirtle Electric & Alarm. We look forward to showing you what’s possible. 

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