Installing a Smart Thermostat? Get Your Mass Save® Rebate

Installing a Smart Thermostat? Get Your Mass Save® Rebate

There’s great news for new and existing alarm monitoring customers of our Massachusetts home security company: Mass Save rebates are available when you add a money-saving smart thermostat to your system. Here are some of the key details of this offer, and how Hirtle Electric & Alarm can assist you when taking advantage of it.

Rather than going to the big box store for a smart thermostat that doesn’t integrate with your home security system, call Hirtle Electric & Alarm for a cost-effective, fully integrated smart thermostat that communicates with your system, sends you smartphone notifications, and saves you money.

Customer Eligibility Details

If you are a residential utility customer of Berkshire Gas, Cape Light Compact, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid, or Unitil, Hirtle Electric & Alarm can help you take advantage of the Mass Save rebate program for smart thermostat installation. This rebate can cover 50% of your installation cost, further maximizing the impact of your investment in a smart thermostat device. The Mass Save program extends its offer to homeowners, landlords and renters in eligible towns throughout Massachusetts. If you are a paying customer of the utility companies listed here, you are likely to be eligible for a Mass Save rebate on smart thermostat installation.

Energy Saving Details

With the ADC T-2000 ENERGY STAR® certified smart thermostat, you can feel great about dramatically lowering your energy consumption. The device is designed to intuitively adjust the indoor temperature of your home whenever necessary throughout the day. Its occupancy sensor technology knows when the home is empty (and therefore not in need of heating or cooling). It can also be programmed to adjust on a daily schedule you determine — or, you can opt to set a custom indoor temperature of your preference. This is a small device that packs a big punch for those who care about saving energy.

Money Saving Details

Of course, saving energy means saving money. By having a smart thermostat installed, you can conserve up to 23% of your heating energy budget this winter. And the money savings are year-round; when spring turns into summer, you can save an average of 16% on cooling your home down through the hottest months of the year. Combine these seasonal savings with your Mass Save rebate, and you can see a major difference in your energy spending. This is what marks a smart thermostat such a smart investment.

Rebate Submission Details

If you are a new or existing Hirtle Electric & Alarm customer, we can provide information on how to submit your Mass Save rebate form and the additional supporting documentation required by the program. If you’re a busy homeowner or landlord, taking advantage of our expertise on the mail-in rebate submission can be a huge time saver. Please note, the state advises customers to wait eight weeks for processing before checking on their Mass Save rebate status.

To learn more about saving energy and money with a smart thermostat, call Hirtle Alarm & Electric. We will be happy to help utility customers in eligible towns throughout Massachusetts take advantage of a Mass Save rebate.

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